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Alumni Mentor Program

Alumni Mentor Program

Alumni Mentor Program

The Political Science Alumni Mentor Program connects alumni with current undergraduate students in a mutually beneficial way, aiming at helping students get a head start on their future careers. Alumni involved in the program agree to lend an ear and provide advice to current students, to discuss career and educational paths, to discuss the nature of today’s workplace, and to discuss the practical skills students need for success.

Students and mentors must apply to the program. Once accepted, the student will be assigned to an alumni mentor, and the student and mentor will get in touch and begin discussions, with suggested starting points and resources provided by the department. The program is targeted at sophomores and juniors, but will include other students if space is available.

Application Process

Applications should be completed by April 15. All pairings announced beginning of fall semester. Applications must include:

  1. The program application form
  2. A resume
  3. A statement about career or post-graduation plans or goals
  4. A statement on what you hope to gain from being assigned an alumni mentor.
  5. If you would like to be matched with a mentor in a particular field, please include that in your application.

Before applying, students must review the career services website and materials concerning resume writing, interviewing, and professional skills, and sign the application form indicating that they understand what is expected of them in the mentoring program. The student and mentor will be expected to sign a “mentorship pledge” form. The student and mentor will be introduced via email, and the process begins!