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Graduate Student Publications

Graduate Student Publications

Graduate Student Publications

Current Students

Please note: Student co-authored items are listed once.


  • Munger, Kevin, Angel Villegas-Cruz, Jorge Gallego, and Mateo Vásquez-Cortés. 2024. “‘Reenviado Muchas Veces’: How Platform Warnings Affect WhatsApp Users in Mexico and Colombia.” Political Communication



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  • Van Prooijen J-W, Etienne Tom W., Kutiyski Y, Krouwel AP. Just a Flu? Self-perceived infection mediates the link between conspiracy beliefs and Covid-19 health beliefs and behaviors. Journal of Health Psychology. October 2021. doi:10.1177/13591053211051816.
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  • Gary Fong, published a book chapter, “Movement Leadership in an Era of Connective Action: A Study of Hong Kong’s Student-Led Umbrella Movement” in Student Movements in Late Neoliberalism. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-75754-0_6.
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  • Brandon Bolte. “The Puzzle of Militia Containment in Civil War.” International Studies Quarterly (forthcoming). 
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  • Zhanna Terechshenko, Charles Crabtree, Chris Fariss, and Kristine Eck. “Evaluating the Influence
    of InternationalNorms and Shaming on State Respect for Rights: AnAudit Experiment with Foreign
    Embassies”. International Interactions.


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Recent Graduates


  • Bagozzi, Benjamin E. 2017. “Data-based Computational Approaches to Forecasting Political Violence.” V.S. Subrahmanian (ed.) Handbook of Computational Approaches to Counterterrorism. Springer Press. (With Philip A. Schrodt and James Yonamine)
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