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Department of Political Science COVID Updates

Department of Political Science COVID Updates

Department of Political Science COVID Updates

We are currently working a combined in-person and remote schedule due to building construction and the ongoing Covid pandemic.  To assure your question is answered quickly by the appropriate staff member, it is best to reach us remotely.

Undergraduate Advising

If you are looking to: add/drop classes, schedule future classes, graduation questions, issues with course/professor, looking for forms/signatures on forms from advisers, information on majors/requirements, questions about minor requirements, or have any other advising question contact Angela Hill,, or your assigned academic advisor.

Advising drop-in schedule will be:

Monday and Tuesday drop-ins will be 10-11:30pm, virtual

Wednesday and Thursday drop-ins will be 1:30-3:30pm, virtual 

All other times will be by appointment only, using Starfish for appointments.

Below is the link for the College’s advising page.


If you would like to contact a professor or attend office hours please see our “People” page on our website, then pick the faculty tab, select your requested faculty member and their contact information and office hours are located on their profile page.

Graduate program

If you are a prospective student and need more information about the admission process and/or the program, want to change your graduate advisor, have a question about your major or minor field course requirements, are a current graduate student at Penn State but are interested in a dual degree program associated with your department, or have any other graduate program questions contact Kristy Boob,

World Campus

For all questions related to the Counterterrorism Option of the Master of Professional Studies in Homeland Security, or the Graduate Certificate in Counterterrorism, offered in partnership with the World Campus, please contact Allison

Office Staff

If you need to report a maintenance problem in Pond Lab, need access to an office, have a question regarding our social media, or need reimbursement for an event contact Jodi Guy,

For inquiries regarding the administrative services provided by the department of Political Science, Vendor/Supplier/Human Resource questions, please contact Michelle Ilgen,