Political science is the study of power – how it is created, exercised, justified, and challenged. As a political science major, you will learn about the institutions, policies, and processes that govern our lives, and how they influence the dynamics within and between groups, such as nations, governments, political parties, social classes and political movements. You will learn how individual interests, behavior, and values are shaped by structures of power and how they can also guide and transform how power is used. Political science includes the study of different forms of democratic and authoritarian regimes, as well as war, repression, diplomacy, law, rights, gender and race politics, trade, political and economic development, and human well-being. It encompasses politics and governance at the local, state, national, and international level. 

Political science employs a variety of research methods and draws insights from a wide range of fields, including economics, history, psychology, data science, sociology, anthropology, criminology, mathematics, ethics, neurobiology, and genetics. Consequently, political science appeals to students with many different interests and is a great combination with majors in the humanities and STEM fields. Our department offers several degree programs that give students the opportunity to develop knowledge of sophisticated research methods and strong critical thinking and oral and written communication skills. 

A degree in political science is excellent preparation for working and living in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. Among other things, our graduates pursue careers in business, finance, politics, diplomacy, law, consulting, government, journalism and communications, campaign management, nongovernmental organizations, and education. Training in political science will also give you the tools to participate effectively in community organization, electoral politics and advocacy movements, and to hold public office.

We look forward to seeing you in our Political Science classes! 

Amy Linch 
Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies