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Donna Bahry

Donna Bahry

Donna Bahry

Professor Emerita of Political Science
Donna Bahry

Curriculum Vitae

Professional Bio

Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 1977. Before coming to Penn State in 2003, she was a faculty member at Vanderbilt University, University of California (Davis), and New York University. Her research addresses issues of political attitudes and behavior, ethnicity and federalism in post-Soviet states. She is the author of Outside Moscow: Power, Politics and Budgetary Policy in the Soviet Republics (Columbia University Press, 1987); and of articles in Comparative Politics, the American Political Science Review, The Journal of Politics, Comparative Political Studies, Electoral Studies, Europe-Asia Studies, and other journals. Her teaching includes graduate courses in comparative politics and in post-communist transitions, and undergraduate courses on Soviet and post-Soviet politics and on democratization.

Areas of Interest

  • Comparative Politics
  • Democratization
  • Communist and Post-Communist Politics
  • Participation, Voting, and Public Opinion