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Current Students

Penn State provides access to a world-class interdisciplinary community.  Our graduate students are able to design programs that allow them to benefit from interdisciplinary research conducted at Penn State.  In recent years, our students have taken classes in and engaged in research with professors in other departments.  Our students have taken concentrations in other excellent programs at Penn State including Sociology (with faculty strengths in social movements and demography), African and African-American Studies (with faculty whose interests include black political ideology, ethnic conflict, migration and diaspora studies, human rights, and racial equality and economics), and Women’s Studies (where students have the option of working toward a dual title Ph.D. in Political Science and Women’s Studies).  In recent years our students have also benefited from on-campus interdisciplinary centers and institutes such as the Institutes of Energy and the Environment, the Survey Research Center, and Social and Life Sciences Imaging Center.

Our objective is that you emerge from the program not merely with a Ph.D., but as one who is well-equipped both to secure a position as a researcher and teacher, and to ensure that you have the tools to be successful in the position you secure.  we train you to ask questions about the political world and to investigate those questions in a (fairly) objective, rigorous and systematic way.

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