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Board of Visitors

In October 2003, the Department established a Board of Alumni Visitors. Twenty-two distinguished alumni serve on the Board, which is currently chaired by Conrad Bessemer.

The Board of Alumni Visitors brings together a small number of selected individuals from across the nation and from diverse career paths. Board members meet on campus once or twice a year to work with faculty, students, other alumni and friends of Penn State to help advance the cause of the Department.

Board members….

  • Meet with and help our students understand the current issues of professional development and career advancement in various fields; help to create opportunities for our students including internships, law school, graduate and professional school advising, career networking, and providing information about career options.
  • Act as ambassadors for the Political Science Department to alumni, friends, and the community at large, helping to ensure that more become aware of the excellence of our educational offerings, student accomplishments, and faculty activities.
  • Assist the Department Head in developing programs and materials aimed at encouraging external support for our programs, including helping to develop materials and a strategic plan for our long-term fund-raising goals.
  • Provide financial support to the department through personal contributions and participation in selected fund-raising activities.

Mission Statement

The Department of Political Science Board of Alumni Visitors exists to promote the continued advancement of the Department's strategic goals of increased national influence, enhanced student support, and continued excellence in research and teaching.  

The Board supports all of the goals of the Department, including outstanding undergraduate teaching, broad-ranging and meaningful student enrichment activities, preeminent graduate education and recruitment, dynamic alumni engagement and involvement, and faculty research, recruitment and retention.

Through the Board's work, the Board seeks to benefit the University as a whole and the Department's students, faculty and alumni.

Current Members:

  • Conrad Bessemer, Chair
  • William DeGrandis
  • Michael J. DeMarco
  • Donald T. DiFrancesco
  • Martin A. Erim
  • Michael J. Gilotti
  • J. Scott Hommer III
  • Maryann Hunter
  • Jeffrey Hyde
  • Jeffrey Jubelirer
  • Steve Kelmar
  • Alan E. Kerry
  • David Kinnan
  • Spencer D. Klein
  • David Kleppinger
  • Thomas Merchant
  • Bruce Miller
  • James D. Newell
  • Annette O'Donnell-Butner
  • Scott Paul
  • Michael Ruger
  • Peter Schallmoser

Member Biographical Information: click here.

Send questions, comments, or suggestions about the activities of the Board to Lee Ann Banaszak at

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