Fridolin Jakob Linder

Fridolin Jakob Linder
230 Pond Laboratory
University Park , PA 16802

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. BA Political Science, University of Vienna
  2. MA Political Science, University of Mannheim (one year at Washington University in St. Louis)


I'm a fifth year graduate student in Political Science and Social Data Analytics at the Pennsylvania State University. I'm studying the application of statistical and machine learning tools to social scientific questions. In most of my research I deal with unstructured text data. How can use better tools to extract scientifically relevant information form text and how can we use insights form social science to improve the tools we are using?


In my dissertation, I study how we can use social media to get an idea how people react to refugees entering the country. I address how we can find the relevant sub-population on Twitter that talks about the issue and provide software (Active Stream) so on the Twitter Stream. I then use that data to analyze if we can measure individual reactions to refugee allocations in Germany.

Dissertation Chair(s):

Bruce Desmarais

Research Interests:

Text Analysis, Social Media, Machine Learning, Data Science, Policy