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Learning Outcomes

Political Science Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of their degree, students majoring in Political Science or International Politics (all concentrations) will demonstrate:

- familiarity with different approaches to the study of politics and an ability to apply these to contemporary collective and political problems, and political behavior

-an ability to formulate and construct logical arguments about political phenomena and an ability to evaluate these through empirical and theoretical methods

-an understanding of how political institutions emerge, how they operate, how they interact with their external environment, and how they shape individual and collective behavior

-knowledge of basic factual information about politics within an area of specialization including but not limited to American politics, political behavior, comparative politics, international relations, or political theory and methodology.


Political Science annually assesses progress toward these goals via:

Annual exit interviews open to all graduating seniors.  Interviews include questions about mastery of intended learning outcomes as well the general classroom experience.

Annual senior survey open to all graduating seniors, which includes questions about students’ accomplishments and achievements as well as post graduate plans and opportunities.

An annual honors thesis research poster session which offers all faculty and students the occasion to evaluate student mastery of intended learning outcomes and discuss research projects.


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