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Political Science, B.A.

The Political Science major provides students with a general education in the liberal arts and an introduction to the complexities of the political process. The major offers students the opportunity to develop an advanced understanding of American politics, politics of other nations, and political theory. The major is designed to offer students maximum flexibility when selecting classes. Courses transferred from your study abroad experience may possibly be used either in the advanced courses and related are of the major.

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Political Science, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science offers a technical approach to the study of Political Science. Students will gain practical experience applying skills in research design and methods combined with an expertise in substantive topics such as public opinion, elections, foreign policy, legislatures, and courts. The major synthesizes coursework in the social sciences with supplementary coursework in mathematics, statistics, and upper level political science courses that employ quantitative research skills. In addition, students will have the opportunity to complete either a research practicum within the Political Science Department, an internship, or a TA-ship.

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Minor in Political Science

The Political Science Minor consists of 18 credits with at least one course in each of the following Political Science areas: American politics, international relations, comparative politics and theory/methodology. Six (6) of these 18 credits must be at the advanced 400-level.

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