Meet our Advisers

Kristie Kalvin headshotKristie Kalvin

I have been advising undergraduate students at Penn State for over 18 years – as long as most traditional aged incoming freshmen have been alive! Throughout my Penn State career, I have worked in the College of Engineering, the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, and Old Main. I have spent more than a decade as an advisor in the College of the Liberal Arts and through this job I have grown to love the liberal arts disciplines. Areas of study such as Women's Studies, Communication Arts and Sciences, Criminology, Anthropology, History, and Philosophy as well as Political Science opened my eyes to new ways of seeing the world and ignited my lifelong delight in learning.

With all of the amazing classes here at Penn State I love being a student. I also love working with students, particularly helping them find and follow their passion. Needless to say, I am extremely happy in my capacity as an academic adviser. It is a pleasure to watch students develop during their time at Penn State, and a privilege to support their growth on a daily basis.

Kristie Kalvin headshotMia Parise

My undergraduate degree is from Penn State. I received a BFA in Theatre with a concentration in Stage Management and a minor in Dance. After working in the industry for a short of time, I completed a Master of Science in Elementary Education at the University of Scranton. I am a certified teacher and have taught K-6 in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. My favorite grade to teach was Kindergarten!

I have an extensive background in dance including Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Modern. I am a classically trained Ballet dancer and these days I enjoy teaching both children and adults. I performed in many Classical Ballets including over 100 performances of The Nutcracker. In 2015, I traded my ballet slippers for running shoes and I completed my first marathon in October 2017!

If I could do college over again or at least give advice to my younger self, I would tell myself to slow down and enjoy all that college has to offer. I went through college at hyper speed and didn’t take advantage of all of the resources and opportunities that were available to me. I would study abroad at least once and participate in an internship. Also, I would make time to participate in the Dance team or some extracurricular sport. Though I loved my college experience, hindsight tells me that the real world would still have been waiting for me even if I slowed down and took time to engage in those opportunities. Of course, now I know they would have enhanced my experience and allowed me to enjoy it even more. I love that as an Academic Adviser I can use myself as an example to encourage my students to explore all that PSU has to offer and help to connect them with all the great opportunities available to them!

I love that my job gives me the opportunity to meet new people and learn about their interesting lives and goals. My students inspire me every day with their passions and impress me with their motivation, drive and accomplishments. I feel lucky to be able to play a part in their journeys and help them reach their academic goals. 

Greg Nolan headshotGreg Nolan

I recently returned to Penn State where I earn a Master's degree in Education and started my advising career in 2010. In my time away, I continued to work in academic advising at Binghamton University and Cornell University. I have also worked closely with Student Affairs to support students outside the classroom, both at Penn State and elsewhere, and I currently serve as the College liaison to the Commonwealth Campuses.

I am excited to be back with the College of the Liberal Arts and the Department of Political Science, and I look forward to working with you to help facilitate your academic, personal and professional growth and development. I love working with undergraduate students and helping them to find their passion, celebrate successes and work through challenging moments, and I hope to be a resource that you can use to make this large campus feel a bit smaller.