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Recent Publications

American Politics

Berkman, Michael. 2010.  Evolution and Creationism: The Battle for Control of America’s Classrooms.  New York: Cambridge University Press.  (with Eric Plutzer)

Hatemi, Peter K. 2012. "What is a `Gene' and Why Does it Matter for Political Science?" Journal of Theoretical Politics 24(3): 305-327. (with Enda Byrne and Rose McDermott)

Hojnacki, Marie. 2009. Lobbying and Policy Change:  Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press. (with Frank Baumgartner, Jeffrey M. Berry, Beth L. Leech, and David C. Kimball).


Linn, Suzanna L. 2010.  "Economics, Elections, and Voting Behavior".  In Jan E. Leighley (ed), The Oxford Handbook of American Elections and Political Behavior. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (with Jonathan Nagler).

Lowery, David. 2010. “Unpacking LogM: Toward a More General Theory of Party System Density.” American Journal of Political Science 54(4): 921-935. (with Simon Otjes, Sergiu Gherghina, Arjen van Witteloosstuijn, Gabor Peli, Holly Brasher)

Plutzer, Eric. 2010.  Evolution and Creationism: The Battle for Control of America’s Classrooms.  New York: Cambridge University Press. (with Michael Berkman)

Welch, Susan. 2009. “Comparing Predictors of Women’s Congressional Election Success:  Candidates, Primaries and the General Election,” American Politics Research 37(4): 593-614. (with Heather Ondercin).

Zorn, Christopher. 2010.  "Executive Discretion, Judicial Decision Making, and Separation of Powers in the United States."  The Journal of Politics 72(3): 812-824 (with Clifford J. Carrubba).

Comparative Politics

Bahry, Donna. 2008. “Interrupted Presidencies in Third Wave Democracies,” Journal of Politics 70: 807-822.  (with Young Hun Kim)

Banaszak, Lee Ann.  2010. The Women’s Movement Inside and Outside the State.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Golder, Matt. 2012. “New Empirical Strategies for the Study of Parliamentary Government Formation.” Political Analysis 20: 248-270. (with Garrett Glasgow and Sona N. Golder)

Golder, Sona N. 2012. “Modeling the Institutional Foundations of Parliamentary Government Formation.” Journal of Politics 74: 427-445. (with Matt Golder and David Siegel)

Monroe, Burt. 2010.  “How to Analyze Attention with Minimal Assumptions and Costs.” American Journal of Political Science 54(1): 209–28. (with Kevin M. Quinn, Michael P. Colaresi, Michael H. Crespin, and Dragomir Radev)

Myers, David J. 2007. “From Thaw to Deluge: Party System Collapse in Venezuela and Peru. Latin American Politics and Society 49(2): 59-86. (with Henry A. Dietz)

Wright, Joseph. 2012. “Authoritarian Institutions and Regime Survival: Why Legislatures Stabilize and Parties Destabilize.” British Journal of Political Science 42(2): 283-309. (with Abel Escribà-Folch)

Yadav, Vineeta. 2012. “Legislative Institutions and Corruption in Developing Country Democracies.” Comparative Political Studies. (Forthcoming August 2012.)

International Politics

Bennett, D. Scott. 2009.  “Revisiting Predictions of War Duration.”   Conflict Management and Peace Science 26(3): 256-67 . (with Allan C. Stam)

Cao, Xun. 2012. “Trade Competition and Environmental Regulations: Domestic Political Constraints and Issue Visibility.” Journal of Politics 74(1): 66-82. (with Aseem Prakash)

Cimbala, Stephen J. 2009. “Forward to Where? U.S.-Russian Strategic Nuclear Force Reductions,” Journal of Slavic Military Studies, 22(1): 68-86.

Henderson, Errol A. 2009. “Disturbing the Peace: African Warfare, Political Inversion, and the Universality of the Democratic Peace Thesis” British Journal of Political Science 39(1): 25-58.

Iqbal, Zaryab. 2010.  War and the Health of Nations. Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Press.

Iqbal, Zaryab and Harvey Starr. State Failure in the Modern World. Stanford University Press. December 2015.

Lemke, Douglas. 2011. "Intra-National IR in Africa." Review of International Studies. 37(1): 49-70.

Mukherjee, Bumba. 2010. “International Institutions and Domestic Compensation: The IMF and the Politics of Capital Account Liberalization.” American Journal of Political Science 54(1): 45-60.

Palmer, Glenn. 2010. “Testing the Biden Hypotheses: Leader Age, Tenure, and Conflict.” Foreign Policy Analysis 6(3): 257-273. (with Daehee Bak)

Piazza, James. 2012.   “Games Rivals Play: International Terrorism in Rivalries.” Journal of Politics.  74:1:235-248. (with Mike Findley and Joe Young)

Schrodt, Phil. 2011. "Real Time, Time Series Forecasting of Inter- and Intra-State Political Conflict." Conflict Management and Peace Science 28(1): 41-64. (with Patrick Brandt and John Freeman)

Political Methodology

Honaker, James. 2010. "What to do About Missing Values in Time-Series Cross-Section Data." American Journal of Political Science 54(2): 561-581. (with Gary King)

Political Theory

Christman, John. 2008. “Why Search for Lost Time: Memory, Autonomy, and Practical Reason” in Catriona Mackenzie and Kim Atkins, Practical Identity and Narrative Agency New York: Routledge.

Linch, Amy. Forthcoming.  Justice, Hegemony and Social Movements: Views from East/Central Europe and Eurasia. Co-editor and major contributor). (with Jan Kubik)

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