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Graduate Program

The Department of Political Science at Penn State provides a select group of students pursuing doc­toral degrees with opportunities to develop their expertise as researchers and as teachers. The department is an intellectual community of approximately fifty graduate students and thirty full-time faculty members. Our excellent faculty-to-student ratio and our notable success in securing funding from sources such as the National Science Foundation and Russell Sage Foun­dation, mean that students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on major research projects in a variety of specialties. We also support students in their efforts to develop their own original research agendas through rigorous training in course work. We also provide financial assistance for travel to profes­sional conferences, for participation in special summer workshops, and for the conduct of students' own research. Graduate students in Political Science also acquire valuable experience and training as teachers by serving as teaching assistants, and by instructing their own undergraduate courses.

Our students receive the opportunities and training they need to undertake professional research, to publish, and to teach at research universities and excellent Liberal Arts colleges. As a result, Penn State doctoral students have been very successful in securing tenure track positions upon completion of their doctoral degrees. We also encourage and help graduate students who do not see academic positions, and out placement record for such students is outstanding.

Professor Glenn Palmer
Director of Graduate Studies

Kristy Boob
Graduate Staff Coordinator

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