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Student Publications

Publications by Ph.D. Students and Recent Ph.D. Students Since 2005

Current Students

Ariotti, Margaret & Sona Golder. Forthcoming. "Partisan portfolio allocation in African democracies." Comparative Political Studies.

Ariotti, Margaret. 2016. "Burkina Faso's 2015 Presidential and Legislative Elections." Electoral Studies 44 (December): 445-448.

Ariotti, Margaret. 2009. "Driving Saints to Sin: How Increasing the Difficulty of Voting Dissuades Even the Most Motivated Voters," Political Analysis, 17(4): 435-455.

Dai, Yaoyao and Zijie Shao. 2016. “Populism as a Strategy of Authoritarian Survival in China: Concept and Measurement” CP: Newsletter of the Comparative Politics Organized Section of the American Political Science Association 26(2): 31-40.

Dai, Yaoyao Zijie Shao, and Xianglin Xu. 2016. “Agenda-Setting and International News Coverage: A Quan- titative Text Analysis on China Central TV News Reports” (In Chinese). Journal of Chinese Academy of Governance 4: 29-34.

Dai, Yaoyao Chenyuan Ji and Zijie Shao. “Media Framing Effects in Public Opinion: A Survey Experi- ment in China” (In Chinese). Journal of Public Management. (Accepted)

Matthew J. Denny and Arthur Spirling, (conditionally accepted). “Text Preprocessing For Unsupervised Learning: Why It Matters, When It Misleads, And What To Do About It”, Political Analysis.

Paul E. Stillman, James D. Wilson, Matthew J. Denny, Bruce Desmarais, Shankar Bhamidi, Skyler Cranmer, and Zhong-Lin Lu. (2017). “Statistical Modeling of the Default Mode Brain Network Reveals a Segregated Highway Structure”, Scientific Reports, 7(11694), 1–14.

Angela C. M. de Oliveira, John M. Spraggon, and Matthew J. Denny (2016). “Instrumenting Beliefs in Threshold Public Goods.” PLoS ONE, 11(2), e0147043.

James D. Wilson, Matthew J. Denny, Shankar Bhamidi, Skyler Cranmer, and Bruce A. Desmarais, (2017). “Stochastic weighted graphs: Flexible model specification and simulation”. Social Networks, 49, 37–47.

Nick Dietrich and Charles Crabtree (conditionally accepted). "Domestic Demand for Human Rights: Free Speech and the Freedom-Security Trade-Off." International Studies Quarterly.

Elizabeth Carlson, Amanda Fidalgo. 2017. "When a Null Pocketbook Effect is the Artifact: Strategically Understated Income and the Attenuation of Egotropic Economic Voting." Quarterly Journal of Political Science: Vol. 11: No. 3, pp 339-361.

Xun Cao, Andrew Kleit, and Chuyu Liu. 2016. Why Invest in Wind Energy? Career Incentives and Chinese Renewable Energy Politics. Energy Policy 99: 120--131.

Xun Cao, Haiyan Duan, Chuyu Liu, James Piazza, and Yingjie Wei. (Forthcoming). Explaining Ethnic Violence on China's Western Frontier: The Ethnic Violence in China (EVC) database and an Initial Test on the Effects of Inter-ethnic Inequality and Natural Resources in XinjiangChina Review.

Recent Graduates

Abbas, Asma. 2006. The Sword, The Lyre, and the Chalice: A Story of the Progressive Writers’ Movement. Karachi.

Abbas, Asma. 2005. “Damages Inc.: Making the Sublime Matter.” Politics and Culture: An International Review of Books (Special Issue on “The Politics of Disaster”) 6(2).

Arena, Philip. 2008. "Success Breeds Success?: War Outcomes, Domestic Opposition, and Elections." Conflict Management and Peace Science 25(2).

Bagozzi, Benjamin E. and Landis, Steven T. Forthcoming. "The Stabilizing Effects of International Politics on Bilateral Trade Flows." Foreign Policy Analysis.

Bagozzi, Benjamin E. Forthcoming, “The IMF, Domestic Public Sector Banks and Currency Crises in Developing States.” International Interactions (with Bumba Mukherjee)

Bagozzi, Benjamin E. Forthcoming, “Data-based Computational Approaches to Forecasting Political Violence.” V.S. Subrahmanian (ed.) Handbook of Computational Approaches to Counterterrorism. Springer Press. (with Philip A. Schrodt and James Yonamine)

Bagozzi, Benjamin E. 2012, “A Mixture Model for Middle-category Inflation in Ordered Survey Responses”. Political Analysis 20(3): 369-386 (with Bumba Mukherjee)

Bak, Daehee. 2010. “Testing the Biden Hypotheses: Leader Age, Tenure, and Conflict.” Foreign Policy Analysis 6(3): 257-273. (and Glenn Palmer).

Bayer, Reşat. 2004. “Effects of Civil Wars on International Trade.” Journal of Peace Research 41(6).  (with Matthew C. Rupert)

Bevan, Shaun. 2013. Policy Agendas in British Politics. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. (with Peter John, Anthony Bertelli, Will Jennings)

Bevan, Shaun. 2011. “Keeping Party Programmes on Track: The Transmission of the Policy Agendas of Executive Speeches to Legislative Outputs in the United Kingdom.” European Political Science Review., 3(3): 395-417. (with Peter John and Will Jennings)

Bevan, Shaun.  “Effects of the Core Functions of Government on the Diversity of Executive Agendas.” Comparative Political Studies, 44(8): 1001-1030 (with Will Jennings and Arco Timmermans ­ corresponding authors, with contributions by Gerard Breeman, Sylvain Brouard, Laura Chaques, Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Peter John, Anna Palau, and Peter B. Mortensen)

Bevan, Shaun.  “The Policy-Opinion Link and Institutional Change: The Legislative Agenda of the United Kingdom and Scottish Parliaments.” Journal of European Public Policy, 18(7): 1052-1068 (with Peter John and Will Jennings)

Bevan, Shaun. 2011. “The British Government’s Political Agenda: the Speech from the Throne, 1911-2008.”  Political Studies 59 (1): 74-98. (with Will Jennings and Peter John)

Boehmer, Charles.  2008. “A Reassessment of Democratic Pacifism at the Modanic Level of Analysis,” Conflict Management and Peace Science 25(1):81-94.

Boehmer, Charles.  2007. “The Effects of Economic Crisis, Domestic Discord, and State Efficacy on the Decision to Initiate Interstate Conflict” Politics and Policy 35(4): 774-809.

Boehmer, Charles. 2005. “Do Intergovernmental Organizations Promote Peace?” World Politics. (with Timothy Nordstrom and Erik Gartzke)

Boehmer, Charles. 2005. “Violent Adolescence: State Development and the Propensity for Militarized Interstate Conflict.” Journal of Peace Research 42(1). (with David Sobek)

Boutton, Andrew. Forthcoming, “Fair Weather Allies: Terrorism and the Allocation of U.S. Foreign Aid.” Journal of Conflict Resolution (with David Carter).

Boydstun, Amber E. 2008. The Decline of the Death Penalty and the Discovery of Innocence. New York: Cambridge University Press. (with Frank R. Baumgartner and Suzanna De Boef).

Boydstun, Amber E. 2007. Media Framing of Capital Punishment and Its Impact on Individuals' Cognitive Responses. Mass Communication and Society 10(4). (with Frank E. Dardis, Frank R. Baumgartner, Suzanna De Boef and Fuyuan Shen)

Braithwaite, Alex. 2007. “Transnational Terrorism Hot Spots: Identification and Impact Evaluation.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 24(4):281-296. (with Quan Li).

Braithwaite, Alex. 2006. “The Geographic Spread of Militarized Disputes.” Journal of Peace Research 43(5):507-522.

Braithwaite, Alex. 2005.  “Victim of Success: American Dominance and International Terrorism.” (With David Sobek.) Conflict Management and Peace Science 22(2):135-148.

Braithwaite, Alex. 2005. “Location, Location, Location…Identifying Conflict Hot Spots.” International Interactions 31(4):251-272.

Dietrich, Simone. 2011. "The Politics of Public Health Aid: Why Corrupt Governments Have Incentives to Implement Aid Effectively". World Development 39(1).

Doerschler, Peter. 2007. “Voter Support for the German PDS Over Time: Dissatisfaction, Ideology, Losers and East Identity,” Electoral Studies 26(2):359-370. (with Lee Ann Banaszak).

Doerschler, Peter. 2006. “Push-Pull Factors and the Development of Immigrants’ Political Attitudes in Germany.”  Social Science Quarterly 87(5):1100-1116.

Doerschler, Peter. 2004. “Education and the Development of Turkish and Yugoslavian Immigrants’ Political Attitudes in Germany.”  German Politics 13(3): 449-480.

D’Orazio, Vito.  2012.  "War Games: North Korea's Reaction to American and South Korean Military Exercises."  Journal of East Asian Studies. 12(2): 275 – 294

Egan, Kevin. 2007. “Reason’s Bondage: On the Rationalization of Sexuality.” Contemporary Political Theory.

Foster, Dennis M. 2006. “An Invitation to Struggle? The Use of Force against Legislatively Vulnerable American Presidents.” International Studies Quarterly 50:421-444.

Foster, Dennis M. 2006. “State Power, Linkage Mechanisms, and Diversion against Nonrivals.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 23:1-21.

Foster, Dennis M. 2006. “Presidents, Public Opinion, and Diversionary Behavior: The Role of Partisan Support Reconsidered.” Foreign Policy Analysis 2:269-287. (with Glenn Palmer)

Ghosn, Faten. “The Case of the 2006 War in Lebanon: Reparation? Reconstruction? Or Both?” Forthcoming International Journal of Human Rights. (with Amal Khoury)

Ghosn, Faten. 2010. “Getting to the Table and Getting to Yes: An Analysis of International Negotiations.” International Studies Quarterly, vol. 54, 1055–1072.

Ghosn, Faten. 2011. “Influence of Domestic Politics on the Decision to Negotiate.” International Negotiation, vol 16(1): 69-85.

Hannah, A. Lee. Forthcoming. "The Usefulness of Consumer Sentiment: Assessing Construct and Measurement." Public Opinion Quarterly (with Paul M. Kellstedt and Suzanna Linn)

Inclán, Maria. 2008. "From the IYa Basta! to the Caracoles: Zapatista Mobilization under Transitional Conditions." American Journal of Sociology 113(5):1316-1350.

Inclán, Maria. 2005. “Las reformas judiciales en America Latina y la rendicion de cuentas de Estado.” Perfiles Latinoamericanos 26 (Julio-Diciembre 2005): 55-82. (with Silvia Inclán)

Fariss, Christopher J., Jones, Zachary M., Fridolin Linder, Charles Crabtree, Megan A. Biek, Ana-Sophia M. Ross, Taranamol Kaur, and Michael Tsai. 2015. " Human Rights Texts: Converting Human Rights Primary Source Documents into Data" PLOS ONE, 10 (9): e0138935.

Jones, Zachary M. and Hill, Daniel W. “An Empirical Evaluation of Explanations for State Repression”.  American Political Science Review.

Joyce, Kyle A. 2008. Third-Party Intervention and the Civil War Process. Journal of Peace Research 45(3). (with Dylan Balch-Lindsay and Andrew J. Enterline).

Joyce, Kyle A. 2007. Event Dependence and Heterogeneity in Duration Models: The Conditional Frailty Model. Political Analysis 15(3): 237-256. (with Janet M. Box-Steffensmeier and Suzanna De Boef).

Karakoç, Ekrem. 2007. “Civil Society and the Legacies of Dictatorship,” World Politics 59(4):  (with Michael Bernhard).

Kenwick, Michael R. Forthcoming 2015. "Do Alliances Really Deter?" The Journal of Politics. (with Vasquez, John & Powers, Matthew)

Kenwick, Michael. 2015. "The MID4 Data Set, 2002-2010: Procedures, Coding Rules, and Description" (with Glenn Palmer, D'Orazio, Vito and Matt Lane). Conflict Management and Peace Science 32(2): 222-242.

Kim, Young Hun. 2008. "Interrupted Presidencies in Third Wave Democracies." Journal of Politics 70(3):807-822. (with Donna Bahry)

Landis, Steven. Forthcoming, "Seasonal Temperature Changes and Conflict Variation: The Inconsistencies of a Warming Planet."  Journal of Peace Research.

Landis, Steven. "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Applications of Automated Document Classification to MID4." with Vito D'Orazio, Glenn Palmer & Philip Schrodt. Political Analysis 22(2): 222-242.

Lavin, Chad.  2008. The Politics of Responsibility.  Urbana-Champaign: University of Illinois Press.

Lavin, Chad.  2006. “Fear, Radical Democracy, and Theoretical Methadone.” Polity 38(2):254-275.

Lavin, Chad. 2006. “The Buoyancy of Failure: Fighting Nature in New Orleans.” Space and Culture 9(1): 48-51. (with Chris Russill).

Lavin, Chad. 2005. “Postliberal Agency in Marx's Brumaire.” Rethinking Marxism 17(3).

Lavin, Chad. 2005. “Who Responds to Global Poverty?” (review essay). Social Theory & Practice 31(1):143-152.

Lavin, Chad. 2005. “Mediating Crisis” (review essay). New Political Science 26(1).

Leonard Boyle, Emma. Forthcoming. “Was Idi Amin’s Government a Terrorist Regime?” Terrorism & Political Viol! ence

Leonard, Emma & Gilbert Ramsay (Eds.) 2013, Globalizing Somalia: Multinational, International and Transnational Reprecussions of Conflict (New York: Bloomsbury Academic).

Mahoney, Christine. Forthcoming. “Converging Perspectives on Interest-Group Research in Europe and America.”  West European Politics 31(6).  (with Frank R. Baumgartner).

Mahoney, Christine. Forthcoming. “The Two Faces of Framing: Individual-Level Framing and Collective Issue-Definition in the EU,” European Union Politics (with Frank R. Baumgartner).

Mahoney, Christine.  2008. Brussels versus the Beltway: Advocacy in the United States and the European Union. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press.

Mahoney, Christine. 2008.  “The Role of Interest Groups in Fostering Citizen Engagement: The Determinants of Outside Lobbying” Chapter in From National toward International Linkages? Civil Society and Multi-level Governance. William Maloney and Jan Van Deth Eds. Elgar Publishing.

Mahoney, Christine. 2007. “Networking vs. Allying: The Decision of Interest Groups to Join Coalitions in the US and the EU,” Journal of European Public Policy. 14(2):366-383.

Mahoney, Christine. 2007. “Lobbying Success in the United States and the European Union,” Journal of Public Policy 27(2):35-56.

Mahoney, Christine. 2007. “Interest Groups in Multilevel Governance” In Politics Beyond the State. Kris Deschouwer and Maarten Theo Jans Eds. Brussels: VUB University Press.

Mallinson, D. J. (Accepted). “Building a Better Speed Trap: Measuring Policy Adoption Speed in the American States." State Politics & Policy Quarterly.

Mallinson, D. J. and Simons, Joseph. (Accepted). “Party Control and Perverse Effects in Majority-Minority Districting: Replication Challenges When Using DW-NOMINATE." Statistics, Politics, and Policy.

Mallinson, D. J. and Zachary D. Baumann. (2015). “Lights, Camera, Learn: Understanding the Role of Lecture Capture in Undergraduate Education." PS: Political Science & Politics 48(3): 478-482.

Mallinson, D.J. (2014). “Upstream Influence: The Positive Impact of PAC Contributions on Marcellus Shale Role Call Votes in Pennsylvania." Interest Groups & Advocacy 3(3): 293-314.

Mallinson, D.J. (2013). “Where Was the Electricity?: Agenda Setting and the Politics of Electric Rate Caps in Pennsylvania." Commonwealth: A Journal of Political Science 16(1): 41-62.

Marchetti, Kathleen. “Fighting Words: Conflating policy-making and war-making in the ‘battle’ for women’s rights” Gender, Place & Culture

Marchetti, Kathleen. 2012 “You Don’t Know Jack: Principals, Agents and Lobbying.” Interest Groups & Advocacy, Vol. 1, (2): October 2012.

Maves, Jessica and Braithwaite, Alex. “Autocratic Institutions and Civil Conflict.” Journal of Politics. 75(2): 478-490.

Maves, Jessica and Braithwaite, Alex. Forthcoming,"The Costs of Domestic Political Unrest." International Studies Quarterly. (with Jeffrey Kucik)

Moody, Jonathan. 2009. "Explaining the Horse Race of 2008". PS: Political Science & Politics 42(3): 459-465. (with Suzanna Linn and Stephanie Asper)

Nordstrom, Timothy. 2008.  “Substitution Is in the Variance: Resources and Foreign Policy,” American Journal of Political Science 52(4):763-773.

Nordstrom, Timothy. 2008. “War, Power and Bargaining,” Journal of Politics 70(4). (with William Reed, David Clark and Wonjae Hwang).

Nordstrom, Timothy.  2007. “Allying for Peace: Treaty Obligations and Conflict Between Allies,” Journal of Politics, 69:1118-1132. (with Andrew Long and Kyeonghi Baek)

Nordstrom, Timothy.  2005.  “Democratic Variants and Democratic Variance:  Examining Domestic Processes and Interstate Conflict,” Journal of Politics, 67(1): 250-270. (with David Clark)

Ojeda, Christopher. "Depression and Political Participation." Social Science Quarterly. Forthcoming.

Ojeda, Christopher, and Peter Hatemi. "Accounting for the Child in the Transmission of Party Identification." American Sociological Review. Forthcoming.

Ojeda, Christopher. 2014. (Forthcoming). "The Effect of 9/11 on the Heritability of Trust." Political Psychology.

Ondercin, Heather. 2007. “Context Matters: The Influence of State and Campaign Factors on the Gender Gap in Senate Elections, 1988–2000,” Politics and Gender 3(1):33-53. (with Jeffrey Bernstein).

Ondercin, Heather. 2005. “Women Candidates.” In Sue Thomas and Clyde Wilcox, eds., Women and Elective Office: Past, Present and Future, 2nd Ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (with Susan Welch).

Pacheco, Julianna. Forthcoming.  “The Social Contagion Model: Exploring the Role of Public Opinion on the Diffusion of Anti-Smoking Legislation across the American States.” The Journal of Politics.

Pacheco, Julianna.  Forthcoming. “Measuring State Public Opinion over Time using National Surveys: A Guideline for Scholars.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly.

Pacheco, Julianna. Forthcoming.  “The Polls-Trends: Public Support for Smoking and Anti-Smoking Policies.” Public Opinion Quarterly.

Pacheco, Julianna Sandell and Eric Plutzer.  2008 “Political Participation and Cumulative Disadvantage: The Impact of Economic and Social Hardship on Young Citizens.” Journal of Social Issues, 64(3):571-593.

Pacheco, Julianna Sandell. 2008. “Evolution and Creationism in America’s Classrooms: A National Portrait.” PLoS Biology 6 (5): e124 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pbio.0060124. (with Michael Berkman and Eric Plutzer).

Pacheco, Julianna Sandell. 2008. “Political Socialization in Context: The Effect of Political Competition on Youth Voter Turnout.” Political Behavior.

Pacheco, Julianna Sandell and Eric Plutzer. 2007. “Stay in School, Don't Get Pregnant: Teen Life Transitions and Cumulative Disadvantages for Voter Turnout.” American Politics Research 35(1):32-56.

Pacheco, Julianna Sandell and Eric Plutzer. 2005. “Families, Divorce and Voter Turnout in the US.” Political Behavior 27(2):133-162.

Parks, Amanda. 2008. “Presidential Pseudo-Events and the Media Coverage They Receive.” American Review of Politics. 29 (Summer 2008): 85-108 (with Jeffrey S. Peake)

Pechenkina, Anna.  Forthcoming, “Is OLS Dead in IR?” The Political Methodologist. (with D. Scott Bennett)

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Schiff, Eleanor L., Kim Seufer, Anne Whitesell, and David Lowery. 2015. “Agency Problems and Interest Representation: An Empirical Analysis of the Costs of Lobbying.” Interest Groups & Advocacy.

Semat, Joshua D. Forthcoming 2015. "The Cost Growth of Government Revisited." Business and Politics (with Lowery, David, Linn, Suzanna, & Berry, William.)

Sobek, David. 2007. "Basic Needs Satisfaction and Democratic Survival: A Cross National Analysis 1961- 1995." International Studies Quarterly. 51(3): 677-699. (with Michael Bernhard and Christopher Reenock).

Sobek, David. 2007. “Rally Around the Podesta: Testing Diversionary Theory Across Time” Journal of Peace Research. 44(1): 29-45.

Sobek, David. 2006. “The Human Rights Peace: How the Respect for Human Rights at Home Leads to Peace Abroad.” Journal of Politics. 68(3): 519-529. (with M. Rodwan Abouharb and Christopher Ingram).

Sobek, David. 2005. “Victim of Success: American Dominance and Terrorism.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 22(2):135-49. (with Alex Braithwaite)

Sobek, David. 2005. “Machiavelli’s Legacy: Domestic Politics and International Conflict.” International Studies Quarterly 49(2):179-205.

Sobek, David. 2004. “The Dynamics of Civil War Duration and Outcome.” Journal of Peace Research 41(3). (with Karl DeRouen).

Tzelgov, Eitan. Forthcoming. Cross-Cutting Issues, Intraparty Dissent and Party Strategy: The Issue of European Integration in the House of Commons.” European Union Politics.

Tzelgov, Eitan. Forthcoming. “Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don’t: Rhetorical Heresthetic in the Israeli Knesset.” Party Politics.

Tzelgov, Eitan. 2011. “Communist Successor Parties and Government Survival in Central Eastern Europe.” European Journal of Political Research, 50 (4), 530-558.

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Wilson, Matthew. Forthcoming “Autocracies and Terrorism: Conditioning Effects of Authoritarian regime-Type on Terrorist Attacks”.  The American Journal of Political Science (with Dr. James Piazza).

Wilson, Matthew. Forthcoming.  “A Discreet Critique of Discrete Regime-Type Data” Comparative Political Studies.”

Wilson, Matthew C. Forthcoming. "Using Sequences to Model Crises." Political Science Research and Methods, (with Gretchen Casper).

*Student co-authored items are listed once.

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